III International Symposium of Exercise Immunology

Acontece de 21 a 23 de Agosto de 2017 na cidade de São Paulo, reunirá grandes nomes do cenário nacional e internacional na área de imunologia do esporte aplicada à saúde, à doença, ao envelhecimento e à performance. Participe!

Atualização científica

Neurologic Clinics  RSS  Volume 35, Issue 3  2017-7-31, Pages i-599

Sports Neurology

Pages i-i. Seifert, Tad.

NEUROLOGIC CLINICS Consulting Editor RANDOLPH W. EVANS August 2017 • Volume 35 • Number 3


Sport feels less strenuous if you believe it´s doing you good
`Sport is too much like hard work.´ For many, that is reason enough to pass when it comes to exercise. But does sport really have to make you break into a sweat? Psychologists have discovered that one´s own expectations have a major influence on just how strenuous one perceives a unit of sport to be. 


New study by running experts: Don´t change your stride
A new study by a 2016 Olympian and a USA Track & Field consultant finds the stride length people naturally choose is the best for them, whether they are experienced or inexperienced runners. That means whatever shape you are in -- marathon warrior or weekend jogger -- stick with what you´re doing.


Sports success not necessarily related to specialization
Specializing in one sport early in a child´s athletic career is often touted as a way to gain that elusive college scholarship or even go on to the pros. However, researchers say `not so fast.´